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October 4, 2016
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5 Plumbing Tools Always Needed to Do a DIY Job

5 plumbing tools

5 Plumbing Tools, Tips

Plumbing is our basic necessity and every fourth house counters different plumbing problems off and own. Sometime plumbing issues are so minor that you are willing to do a DIY job, but unavailability of basic plumbing tools stops you to do so. Having a tool kit is always a recommended suggestion to avoid major plumbing issues like a minor leakage becoming a disastrous damage or a slow drain becoming a choked one. Yes of course, it is a little bit difficult to buy all tools at once. But you can add them into your next purchasing list one by one. The basic tools that you have always at your first hand are:

  • Plunger

The most common plumbing problem for which people call a plumber is a drain clog including kitchen and bath drains. The plunger is the handiest and plumber’s friend which they use to unclog the drains. You can also be benefited by this if you have it at your home in time of need. It is an inexpensive tool, which comes in different sizes. Whether it is tub, sink, drain, floor or shower, it can help the all.

  • Wrench

A pipe wrench is used to provide a grip on a pipe, leverage to turn gyratory fasteners such as nuts and bolts. It is ideal to have such an iconic tool in your home to campaign multitude plumbing applications. Like the size of pipes and nuts, the size of wrench also varies. You can take up a size according to your need.

  • Closet Auger

Closet auger— a flexible steel long wire is a worthwhile plumbing tool that a plumber grabs to fix drain clogs. It is helpful, even in severe clogs where plunger may not help you. Its coiled metal wire is rust resistant and its hook shape makes it easier to feed the auger in the toilet.

  • Screw driver

A common, but handy tool to twist the screws with less effort is mainly known as a screw driver. Many of you probably have it already at home. So if you do not have this, make it sure you will ask for it in next shopping.

  • Hacksaw

Undoubtedly, it will be a sensible addition in your tool box. Its versatility is unquestionable. The blade should be uptight while doing the job and obviously caution is necessary while using the tool. There should be always extra blades on hand, ready to use.

If a DIY job is no more trouble-free to be handled by your own obviously call for a nearby plumber Houston TX.