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October 15, 2016
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Before Buying a New House Must Read it!

Before buying a new house

Are you wanting to buy New House? Must Read it!

Is purchasing of a new house in your pipeline? A house may a first fruit of your all efforts throughout the life which must keep your hair on. While searching for a good house, what one may look? It may be the good location, unique architecture of the house, affordability, etc. No one go into the plumbing system of a house. Merely a few one do so. After the structure of a building the most important thing is plumbing system as all the rest comes in the wake of it. You must inquest the following queries to save your lifetime saving.


  • What is the design and age of existing plumbing system?
  • When was plumbing system inspected previously?
  • Is there any water pipe broken or burst?
  • Have the house a sump pump or need a new one?
  • Is there any new replacement was made in plumbing system in past?
  • Are the flush and toilets in proper work condition or takes time to flush out?
  • Is the shower throwing good water pressure?
  • Is there any sign of leakage or water damages in building?


This maybe a long and time consuming list for you to check out but it is necessary and favorable in the long run.

Perk of these Queries

  • Building a new house is a convenient way but if you are purchasing an older one, it is obvious that the plumbing system would be old as well. Questing about the age of plumbing system will help you out to estimate the condition of the system.

  • Sewer lines and plumbing system endure servicing and repairs off and on. Inspecting about old repair will indicate the status of plumbing system.

  • Broken pipes and leakages can do a lot of damage to the inner structure of a house that maybe beyond your mind’s eye. If there is any pipe that had leaked or burst in past, scrutinizing will help you to check the condition and timely replacement if needed.

  • Sump pumps are important for the houses located in a situation where the stagnant water can do much harm. It takes away of the flooding water of basement or ground and drops the serge. If the house you are looking for is in such an area where water can stay torpid, your sump pump should be maintained before shifting to the house.

  • Just assume, you step into bath to take a warm shower and suddenly your shower starts throwing cold water. What the hell! Obviously you think the same. When you are making a purchase of an old house just make sure that the water heater should be in working condition. Otherwise, you may have to counter such mentioned experience.

  • Flush out toilets and run the shower to examine their pressure and endurance. This will tell you about the drain condition and help you to outline the servicing list.

  • Examine the house thoroughly in creeping space may seem insane but it  will disclose the leak and damage signs of water signs.

v Obviously assistance of a professional plumber is always suggested. For acquiring diagnostic and inspection services of the specialized technicians, call out Plumbers Austin TX.